X-ray protective clothing

X-ray protection for veterinary professionals

As in human medicine, protection from X-rays in veterinary medicine is an important measure for veterinarians and veterinary staff to protect against ionizing radiation from radiography equipment or X-ray detector systems.
Ionizing radiation leads to cell damage when used frequently and can cause cancer or other diseases. To minimize such risks, an X-ray apron/lead apron, thyroid protection, X-ray gloves and X-ray goggles should therefore be used during imaging procedures.

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C&L front apron/ skirt

Product no.: MI-F

as of 219.26 *

CAWO, X-ray protective glove, large, pair, Pb 0.5

Product no.: CAWO9880

346.15 / pair(s) *

CAWO, wall hanger for up to 3 coat aprons

Product no.: CAWO841203

208.01 *

Protective gloves with grip, Pb 0.5 dark blue

Product no.: MU-O.GU.015

149.94 *

Front apron, C+L, Medium, 60x120cm, Pb 0.5

Product no.: MI-M-120-

214.20 *

Neck protector with thyroid protection, Pb 0.5

Product no.: MI-TS

as of 94.01 *

Front apron, C+L, Medium, 60x100cm, Pb 0.5

Product no.: MI-M-100-

214.20 *

Phillips X-ray eye protection goggles model RG-Q200

Product no.: RG-Q200

as of 270.73 *
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