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AGFA, Cassette adapter for CR 10-X 24x30

Product no.: DIA-K-MD1.0-2430AD

67.50 *

AGFA, replacement cassette FLFS MD4.1, 35x43

Product no.: DIA-K-MD4.1-3543FLFS

316.39 *

FUJI, IP cassette CC

Product no.: DIF-K-CC

as of 301.60 *

AGFA, Replacement cassette MD1.0

Product no.: DIA-K-MD1.0

as of 166.59 *

AGFA, replacement cassette HD5.0S

Product no.: DIA-K-HD5.0S-

as of 246.64 *

AGFA, Replacement cassette HR MD4.0

Product no.: DIA-K-MD4.0

as of 153.09 *

AGFA, replacement cassette MD4.0R

Product no.: DIA-K-MD4.0R

as of 161.06 *

Konica, Regius SIGMA RC-300 CR cassette

Product no.: DIKO-K

as of 520.00 *

AGFA, replacement cassette MD4.0T

Product no.: DIA-K-MD4.0T

as of 142.16 *

Carestream, CR cassette, GP

Product no.: DIKK-K-GP

as of 414.70 *

AGFA, Mammography - Cassette MM3.0

Product no.: DIA-K-MM3.0

as of 204.12 *


Product no.: DIA-K-MM3.0R

as of 194.81 *


Product no.: DIA-K-MM3.0T

as of 151.63 *

FUJI Mammopraghie - Cassette B DM

Product no.: DIF-K-BDM

as of 897.00 *

FUJI Mammopraghie - Cassette CH

Product no.: DIF-K-CH

as of 304.20 *


Product no.: DIF-K-DS

as of 643.50 *

AGFA, Mammography - Cassette HM5.0

Product no.: DIA-K-HM5.0

as of 268.27 *
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