Medical lighting

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Derungs disposable handle cover, 100 pcs.

Product no.: DE-T-Ü

147.66 *

Derungs HALUX N30-1P SG examination light

Product no.: DE-H-N30-1PSG

as of 415.83 *
Product data sheet

New Derungs HALUX N50-1P SX Examination light

Product no.: DE-H-N50-1PSX

as of 561.79 *
Product data sheet

New Derungs HALUX N50-3P FX Examination light

Product no.: DE-N50-3PFX

as of 717.72 *

New Derungs OPTICLUX 10 Magnifying lamp

Product no.: DE-O-10

as of 674.74 *
Product data sheet

Derungs OPTICLUX Hand 10-1 magnifying lamp

Product no.: DE-OH-10-1

as of 825.68 *
Product data sheet

New Derungs TANEO Lab laboratory light

Product no.: DE-TL

as of 786.70 *
Product data sheet

Derungs VISIANO 20-2P TX examination light

Product no.: DE-V-20-2PTX

as of 1,047.59 *
Product data sheet

New Derungs accessories

Product no.: DE-Z

as of 33.34 *
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