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Konica Regius mammography cassette with imaging plate 24x30

Product no.: DIKO-KF-RM2430

2,261.00 *

AGFA, CR MD1.0F General Set, film 15x30, cassette 35x43

Product no.: DIA-KF-MD1.0F

587.86 *

FUJI, CC cassette with image plate, IP ST-VI

Product no.: DIF-KF-CCVI

as of 565.96 *

AGFA, CR HD5.0 S General Set, detector with cassette

Product no.: DIA-KF-HD5.0S

as of 2,845.43 *

Konica Regius SIGMA cassette with imaging plate

Product no.: DIKO-KF

as of 1,102.24 *

Konica, Regius 4S110 cassette with image plate

Product no.: DIKO-KF-R

as of 848.47 *

AGFA, CR MD4.0 R General Set

Product no.: DIA-KF-MD4.0R

as of 465.41 *

AGFA, CR MD4.0 T General Set

Product no.: DIA-KF-MD4.0T

as of 344.72 *

Carestream, cassette and imaging plate GP2

Product no.: DIKK-KF-GP

as of 1,121.58 *

Carestream, DirectView cassette with imaging plate PQ

Product no.: DIKK-KF-PQ

as of 1,085.99 *

AGFA Mammography - Set MM3.0R

Product no.: DIA-KF-MM3.0R

as of 861.08 *

AGFA Mammography - Set MM3.0T

Product no.: DIA-KF-MM3.0T

as of 662.78 *
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