Intensifying screens


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AGFA, Replacement imaging plate MD1.0

Product no.: DIA-F-MD1.0

as of 279.45 *

FUJI, imaging plate, IP ST-VI

Product no.: DIF-F-STVI

as of 174.00 *

AGFA, Replacement - imaging plate MD4.0

Product no.: DIA-F-MD4.0

as of 143.24 *

AGFA, Replacement - imaging plate MD4.0R

Product no.: DIA-F-MD4.0R

as of 293.09 *

AGFA, replacement imaging plate MD4.0T

Product no.: DIA-F-MD4.0T

as of 293.08 *

Konica, Regius SIGMA RC-300 CR cassette

Product no.: DIKO-K

as of 520.00 *

AGFA, Mammography - imaging plate MM3.0

Product no.: DIA-F-MM3.0

as of 457.92 *

AGFA, Mammography - Image plate MM3.0R

Product no.: DIA-F-MM3.0R

as of 596.57 *

AGFA, Mammography - imaging plate MM3.0T

Product no.: DIA-F-MM3.0T

as of 497.18 *

FUJI Mammo - Image plate pair IP HR-BD

Product no.: DIF-F-HRBD

as of 580.35 *

FUJI Mammo imaging plate pair IP HR-VI

Product no.: DIF-F-HRVI

as of 481.66 *

FUJI Image plate IP ST-BD

Product no.: DIF-FSTBD

as of 331.50 *
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