In the veterinary category, you will find a wide selection of high-quality products that have been specially developed for use in veterinary medicine. Our product range extends from analog X-ray equipment, X-ray protective clothing with our own product line, radiation protection walls, accessories for CR & DR systems, medical lighting, X-ray tables & stands to portable X-ray equipment. We attach great importance to our product quality and personal expert advice.

Discover our extensive range now and find the right X-ray accessories for your veterinary practice.

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CAWO, wall hanger for up to 3 coat aprons

Product no.: CAWO841203

228.00 *

MAVIG, X-ray eye protection spectacles BR310

Product no.: MABR310

269.72 *

CAWO, X-ray protective glove, large, pair, Pb 0.5

Product no.: CAWO9880

290.88 / pair(s) *

MAVIG Radiation protection hood RA611

Product no.: MARA611

as of 152.15 *

Front apron, C+L, Large, 70x110cm, Pb 0.5

Product no.: MI-L-110-

180.00 *
209.00 €
You save 14 %

Front apron, C+L, Medium, 60x100cm, Pb 0.5

Product no.: MI-M-100-

180.00 *

Front apron, C+L, Medium, 60x120cm, Pb 0.5

Product no.: MI-M-120-

180.00 *
209.00 €
You save 14 %

Neck protector with thyroid protection, Pb 0.5

Product no.: MI-TS

as of 79.00 *

Protective gloves with grip, Pb 0.5 dark blue

Product no.: MU-O.GU.015

126.00 *

Calbe, AlgeBlock / A922, 1l.

Product no.: CALBEALGE

71.66 / bottle(s) *

AGFA PROSAT Wipes, 3x 30 cleaning wipes for CR Mammo films

Product no.: DIA-PROS

150.61 / pack(s) *

AGFA, Fixer, G354, 18x2,5

Product no.: A22G354

124.02 / box(es) *

EC, hand fixer, 5 l. Concentrate CALBE T325

Product no.: ADF31

55.78 / unit(s) *

Calbe, Fixer, Unimatic-F, 10x2,5l.

Product no.: CALBEF10x2,5

112.76 / box(es) *

AGFA, developer, G153, 12x2.5l.

Product no.: A21G153

139.32 / box(es) *

CALBE T32 hand developer, 2x5 l. Concentrate for 2x 25 l.

Product no.: ADE31

103.51 / capsule(s) *

Calbe, drainage, Unimatic-D, 10x2.5l.

Product no.: CALBEE10x2,5

110.95 / box(es) *

CEA, x-ray green film, OGA, 100 sheets

Product no.: C02

as of 21.95 / pack(s) *

AGFA, Replacement imaging plate MD1.0

Product no.: DIA-F-MD1.0

as of 279.45 *

FUJI, imaging plate, IP ST-VI

Product no.: DIF-F-STVI

as of 174.00 *

AGFA, Dental - Image plate DD1.0T

Product no.: DIA-F-DD1.0T

as of 236.20 *
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