Podoblock supplies accessories for every X-ray and ultrasound system on the market – both standard and specially tailored configurations.

Their products are innovative, durable, high quality and mobile for any environment.

Each device is designed, built and tested by Podoblock to ensure your safety and maintain the highest standards.
Environmental conditions can affect wearability, which is why Podoblock only selects the highest quality materials for its products.

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Podoblock SCANdroid

Product no.: PO-SK

as of 71.40 *

Podoblock Hoofplaster 5x 250 gram

Product no.: PO-HP 10BL25005

29.75 *

Podoblock ProbeRack for SCANster

Product no.: PO-VS1045321910C

142.80 *

Podoblock SCANster, height-adjustable trolley

Product no.: PO-VS1045321910

1,535.10 *

Podoblock monopod stand JiXtr

Product no.: PO-jiXtr

1,844.50 *

Podoblock mobile stand Stat-X Vaquero

Product no.: PO-RSM

as of 5,492.31 *

Podoblock mobile tripod Stat-X Espléndido

Product no.: PO-ESM

as of 6,652.10 *

Podoblock Podoholder cassette case

Product no.: PO-PH

as of 226.10 *

Podoblock Juliuster

Product no.: PO-DRS-1011560

470.05 *

Podoblock XtandR 2pcs bite plates

Product no.: PO-RBP-10REGU

571.20 *

Podoblock DR-Cowboybox, Wireless 35x43cm

Product no.: PO-DR-CB

1,178.10 *

Podoblock RedBoot, corrective foal boot

Product no.: PO-RED-13CFB

624.75 *

Podoblock hoof positioning aid

Product no.: PO-PB

as of 89.25 *

Podoblock Backscatter Lead Pb 0.15 mm

Product no.: PO-BL-10287350

as of 261.80 *

Podoblock mobile stand Stat-X Bucky

Product no.: PO-BSM

as of 5,694.15 *

Podoblock MagRayCloxx, Set

Product no.: PO-MRC 01

as of 95.20 *

Podoblock DR-Pouch wireless

Product no.: PO-DR-11

as of 428.40 *


Product no.: PO-DR

as of 916.30 *


Product no.: PO-DR1

as of 1,184.05 *


Product no.: PO-DR2

as of 714.00 *
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